Maybe It's The Drugs

by Jesh Yancey & The High Hopes

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I’ve got a feelin’, it’s gonna get worse Before it gets better I can feel it changing Even faster than the weather The left is getting lefter, the right is getting righter The noose around my liberty is getting much tighter Where’s the last straw that’ll start the revolution? When the well runs dry we’ll be seeking retrobution. We’re all in debt and getting closer to the edge. We’re holding on to everything the senator says. What’s keeping the poor from killing the rich? Seems like everybody is quite content to bitch. They’re reaching out for anything and hoping it’s enough I’m thinking maybe, maybe, maybe, just maybe it’s the drugs. They’re sayin’ “doctor doctor, help me get to sleep.” “Oh doctor, doctor I can’t take reality.” “Doctor, doctor there’s something wrong with me.” “Oh doctor, doctor prescribe me what I need. I need drugs.” Well everybody’s strung out, they keep it under wraps. There’s a drug for this and a drug for that. The teachers and preachers tell you: “just say no.” While they’re reaching for their happy pills to make it through the door.”
Devil you ain’t after much coming after me. I’ve already sold my soul, long since done the deed. I gave it to a black-haired girl, she said her name was Destiny. She said it wasn’t worth too much so she gave it back to me. So I keep it right here, under lock and key, just a little out of sight So the Devil, he can’t see. The only thing I truly love, so I set it free. If it was truly meant it’ll come right back to me. I let it loose on angel’s wings, I watched it fly above. Up and over all the trees there goes the only thing I love. So when I die don’t think too much about what you do not know. The only thing I truly love I’ll take it when I go. Out into the universe in all its majesty My worn and broken bloody heart my little soul and me.
When in Rome 04:00
Well I’m sorry I got stoned again, I’m sorry that I can’t say when Enough is enough when the edge is coming on. Well I apologize about the shape I’m in And being the one to pitch the circus tent. The only thing I can say is “when in Rome” Because when in Rome this is how it’s done, Take a couple more when you only need one. See how far you can make it go. Just because it glitters that don’t mean that it’s gold but baby “when in Rome” I could see the lights flashing way downtown At a place where even angels won’t come around. I was wondering to myself if I’m ever gonna make it back home. But my toe started tapping when the drugs kicked in, The only way to make the devil your friend. If you can’t beat ‘em gonna have to join ‘em, “when in Rome.” Well I started keeping time with Wagon Wheel I was wondering if what I was seeing was real. If I would’ve never told ‘em I bet they would’ve never known. But Lord, please forgive me for what came next. I hate to let you down but what did you expect. The time called for desperate measures, “when in Rome.’’
Ridin' High 04:04
There’s a little place just off I-10, I can’t wait to get back there again. When I walk through the door everybody gonna grin. They don’t really care about the shape I’m in. That’s where I was when it dawned on me, I’ve been judging these books by the library. Ridin’ high back from south Mississippii. Well the people down there are happy as can be. I’m here to tell you hoss, believe in me. They’ve been working up North and they’ve been working all week. They’ve been looking for a place where they can shuffle their feet. They’re not quite right under a Cajun moon, But they’ll listen to just about any old tune. When you go to leave they tell you “Come back soon” “Everybody welcome at the Julep Room.”
In a Pinch 04:44
Well it’s hard to find love, in a world of hate. It’s hard to find your hometown on the interstate. I’m so lucky that I found you as soon as I did. There’s no telling where I was goin’ to, or who I was goin’ with. If I had gone a little further, held on a little longer I’d have probably found something that I can hold onto. Because I’ve been higher than a cat’s back and sneaky as a coon. I know I’m gonna pay for that, come later or soon. If you was lookin’ for a son of a gun well, I guess you found one. If you was hoping for a little fun I could probably score some. But, to tell you the truth, I am just another dreamer of nonsense. Not what you was hoping for, but I can do in a pinch. I hold fast to the steering wheel, I wonder where I went wrong. I try to put my mind at ease, but it’s already blown. Oh God don’t take me now. Please get me out of this. I swear to you and everything, just put it on the list. Well I’ve got a really good excuse for nearly everything. There’s got to be some wiggle room to that whole “hell” thing.


Maybe it's the Drugs is the sophomore release from Denver-based songwriter Jesh Yancey.


released November 3, 2019

Upright Bass - Lizz Hough
Harmonica - Jef Funk
Drums - Ryan VanDyke
Lead Guitar - Jeremy Ault
Rhythm Guitar - Jesh Yancey
Lead Vocals - Jesh Yancey
Background Vocals - Lizz Hough - Ryan Balthrop


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Jesh Yancey Mobile, Alabama

Jesh Yancey is a Folk Singer from Fyffe, Alabama. Jesh has been writing songs for over 10 years. During that time Jesh has created a fluid blend of Folk music with blues sensibilities with a keen eye on the world around him.

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